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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One Word Interview with C. David Belt

Today, we welcome LDS fantasy author C. David Belt to the Writing Chair. His novel, The Penitent, the second in his Children of Lilith Series was a 2012 Whitney Award Finalist. Welcome, David!

Zombie apocalypse! What fictional character do you most want by your

John Carter.

An excellent choice!

Your MCs house is on fire. What's the first thing he would grab?
Daytime: cloak; Nighttime: broadsword.

Of course. He is a vampire after all!

You've been plunked down in the middle of your latest book. Weapon of choice? 
Mortal: M-16;  Vampire: basket-hilt claymore.

Yeah, I think I'd go for the sword myself.

What historical figure would you most like to have lunch with?
John Adams

That would be interesting. I wonder what he'd make of our current political climate.

You're having your favorite author over for dinner. What are you serving?

Wonderful! (Bonus points to everyone who gets the reference.)

 Thank you so much for joining us today!

In all the 6,000 years that the Children of Lilith have walked among us,
there has never been an unwilling vampire . . . until now.

Carl Morgan has lost everything. His wife and children were killed in a
senseless accident. Then he witnesses the murder of his sister at the hands
of a beautiful and mysterious woman named Rebecca. When the police cannot
locate the killer, Carl takes matters into his own hands. But his search for
justice costs him everything he holds dear.

Carl is unknowingly transformed into the world's first and only unwilling
vampire. He is cut off from the light, damned to an eternity of darkness,
barred from heaven and any hope of a reunion with his family.

Moira MacDonald, a repentant vampire, has roamed the earth alone for
centuries seeking redemption. The very existence of an unwilling vampire,
something she thought impossible, changes everything. Has she finally found
a path to redemption . . . and an end to her loneliness?

Carl and Moira discover that Rebecca's vampire Master, Michael, plans to
unleash a plague of vampires on the city. Can Carl and Moira stop the
slaughter of countless innocents?

In 6,000 years, no vampire has ever defied Lilith, Queen of the
vampires...until now.

Moira and Carl Morgan have saved the city from the horror of Michael and his
evil wives, but victory has come at terrible cost.

And there are consequences to every choice, every victory.

Word has spread that someone has broken Lilith's power, that someone has
defied the ancient Queen of the vampires.

And she's not happy about it.

For 6,000 years, Lilith and her Children have walked the earth, hunting,
preying, seducing, corrupting, ruling from the shadows...until now.

An ancient prophecy, spoken by Adam, Lilith's grandfather, foretells her
doom. She will do anything, corrupt any innocent, murder countless mortals
to save herself.

To survive, she knows she must destroy Carl and Moira Morgan.

The war has begun.

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