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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Save the Short Story (Short Fiction Review)

Jungle Statue (c) 2009 by Jason Zampol
If you've read this blog much, then you know how much I love short fiction, and I don't want to see it become and endangered species. So today, may I present ResAliens print magazine, Issue #5!

ResAliens editor, Lyn Perry, promises to bring us "spiritually-infused" fiction. What does that term mean to you. In the introduction to this issue, Perry says: Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that each story is “spiritual” (what some might call, “religious”) or has a certain moral to it. Not that there isn’t a place for specifically religious material. You’ll read what some would term “Christian” fiction within the pages and web pages of ResAliens. But for me, it is a mindset with which I approach almost every song, film, or book. I  embrace the arts – and literature in particular – from a spiritual perspective. That is, I come to a story ready to engage the transcendent or eternal message or theme within that work of art.

So, does ResAliens fulfill this promise? Yes, it does. The seven stories inside are all well-written, interesting, and possess a certain lyrical quality that I found compelling. Yet each story also contains a thread of darkness that leaves you thinking about what you've just experienced.

"Where the Sun Don't Shine" by Jeff Parish starts the issue. I have to admit, I was hard-pressed to find anything spiritual in this story, however I did find it a fun read--in a kind of grown-up, macabre Captain Underpants sort of way. (Sure hope I am never infested with butt pirates!)

"Not Your Kind of Heathen" by Erin M. Kinch brings us an exciting story of a strong and yet vulnerable hunter of the creatures of the dark.

"The Noble Experiment" by Pat. R. Steiner is a beautifully written tale of a summertime story shared between Grandson and Grandfather, and even features an appearance by the infamous Al Capone!

"Rockets Over Eireann" by Kristen Lee Knapp shocking and yet moving portrayal of violence and terrorism, and was my favorite in this issue.

"A Heroine's Death" by Billy Wong brings us a heroine so amazing not even death can conquer her. But is that really for the best? A nice tale of love and sacrifice.

"Azerieran: Lokxenthuul" by Christopher Heath is a dark story of a twisted, evil dwarf, and leaves you to ponder justice and revenge.

"Protein" by Gustavo Bondoni, another of my favorites in here, is a truly chilling tale addresses some important issues.

Also in the issue, you'll find an interview with cover artist Jason Zampol (Isn't it a beautiful cover?), and an anthology review. You can order issue #5, and the other print issues, as well as enjoy more great fiction, on the ResAliens website.

If you love short stories like I do, or if you just want a great read, ResAliens is well worth your time.

From the editor: Already 20% off at $8.00 for a print issue. Now purchase ResAliens Issue 5 and save an additional 15% off with coupon code: FIRESIDE305 (good through Feb 15, 2011).

*I received a free e-copy of the magazine, which I chose to review for you.


Lyn said...

Thanks for covering this issue - I'll tell the contributors! Best wishes.

ali cross said...

This is cool, Angie! I don't know anything about short fiction beyond what I've read in Reader's Digest and here on your blog (or your works elsewhere). I appreciate a little schooling now and then!

Demitria said...

I love short stories, I'll have to check this out.

New follower...

Anonymous said...

I love short fiction, too. In fact, I'm in awe of it because I can't believe how much they accomplish with so few words. Poets and short fiction writers are hard core writers.

Angie said...

Welcome, Demetria! Thanks for becoming a follower. I hope you enjoy the blog. Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I'm always interested in discovering new sources of reading. I don't get the chance to enjoy much short fiction now, but I loved it in college.

Jolene Perry said...

Thanks Angie!
I have a huge respect for someone who can tell their story in such a short and succinct way. Would probably be good for me to try my hand at at...