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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

One Word Interview with Jaclyn Weist (with a Giveaway!)

Today we welcome Jaclyn Weist, author of the brand new YA contemporary fantasy novel, Stolen Luck. (Don't miss the blog tour giveaway at the bottom of the post!) Welcome to the writing chair, Jaclyn!

You've been plunked down in a fairy tale. Which mythical creature are you?  

Very beautiful and very wise. Sounds appropriate.

Uh-oh! Your house is on fire! After your kids, what's the first thing you grab? 

If your house is like mine, you'll only have time to save a small fraction!
What historical figure would you most like to have lunch with? 

I'm certain the bard would make a delightful lunch companion.
What quality do you share in common with your main character? 
Megan? Her unwillingness to give up. Also, she's not a morning person and neither am I. :)

Both excellent qualities! (Although, I am being converted to morning person against my will.)
We're holding a banquet in honor of your awesomeness. What are we serving for dessert? 
By far the most popular dessert choice. Confession: I don't like cheesecake all that much. I must be missing something!

Thank you so much for being with us today, Jaclyn

Jaclyn is an Idaho farm girl who grew up loving to read. She developed a love for writing as a senior in high school, when her dad jokingly said she was the next Dr. Seuss (not even close but very sweet). She met her husband, Steve at BYU and they have six happy, crazy children that encourage her writing. After owning a bookstore and running away to have adventures in Australia, they settled back down in their home in Utah. Jaclyn now spends her days herding her kids to various activities and trying to remember what she was supposed to do next.
Find Jaclyn on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, or her blog.

Sixteen year old Megan Crenshaw has everything going for her until the day a leprechaun shows up on her doorstep and steals all her luck. Not only that, he follows her around and wreaks havoc in her life. With the help of her friends, Megan must get her luck back before he manages to destroy her life and the lives of all those around her.

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kbrebes said...

Sounds like a really cute book!! Fun interview, Angie!

kbrebes said...

Worst day ever...not a fair question, so I'll just talk about a bad day. Having a drunk driver hit our car and send it up the street two houses at 2am because we we're planning to leave on vacation at 6am!!

Angie said...

That does sound like a bad day! Thanks for stopping by, Kathleen.

Renae Mackley said...

Hmm. Probably a day when I had the flu or did something embarrassing, but nothing too horrible has stuck in my mind. Maybe I have a Leprechaun.

Donna K. Weaver said...

I knew I liked, Jaclyn! And her book is a delightful read!

Terry W. Ervin II said...

Unicorn and cheesecake...

Have you ever read Spirals of Destiny: Rider by Jim Bernheimer? Unique story with unicorns in it.

Valerie Ipson said...

The premise sounds fun!

Sorry, can't really remember my worst day ever...maybe a day with no chocolate in the house??? ;)