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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One Word Interview with Sarah E. Seeley

Today, we have Sarah E. Seeley, author of Maladaptive Bind for a Halloween-themed One Word Interview. Welcome, Sarah!

Trapped in a monster movie! Which character are you?
I would be Evelyn from The Mummy. She's honest, smart, a little bit clumsy, and she totally cracks me up.

Heehee. Good choice.

What quality do you have in common with your main character? 
I'd like to think I have Angela's determination to face and overcome my inherent character weaknesses for the sake of my (future) children.

 That is an excellent quality to possess.

What historical figure would you most like to have lunch with?
I'd love to have lunch with Charles Darwin. I think we'd be good friends. 

Interesting! I'll bet you two would have a great conversation.

The little goblins are coming Trick-or-Treating. What candy are you handing out?
Mwahaha. Probably the first thing I'd hand out are the full-sized boxes of Jr. Mints that have gotten hard since we bought them as movie contraband a year ago. Then I'll hand out the good stuff (gotta save the best for last, right? Make sure there's enough bite-sized Twix and Snickers left over as an excuse to eat them myself). You can blame my dad for these tactics, haha. Just kidding. I'll probably mix a couple of NEW random bags of goodies of no particular preference. That just sounded way too boring by itself, so I thought I'd make it a little more intriguing. Although, I'll probably still swipe a few treats for myself... ;-)

That was more than one word, but I'll let it slide. I always swipe a few treats for myself. How else am I going to get any?

Alone in a haunted house! What's your must-have item?
I feel I must have my cello. Nothing keeps the ghosts and ghouls at bay like good music.

I never would have thought of that, but it's perfect!

Thanks so much for joining us in the writing chair today, Sarah. Have a happy Halloween!

Sarah E. Seeley is a speculative fiction writer who worked with dead sauropods and ancient odonates while acquiring her BS degree in geology from Brigham Young University. She hopes to study more dead things in the future and contribute to scientific discussions about what makes life on Earth so amazing. In the meantime, she explores the bright side of being human by writing dark fiction.

Angela Thornley doesn’t know why she’s still alive. When park rangers found her, she couldn’t speak or move, let alone remember what the serial killer, “The Man,” did to her and her husband before he buried them alive. At least, not until she hears the social workers talk about putting her five-year-old son, Blake, in a foster home and she feels his little fingers slip from her hand.

Determined to function so she can protect and care for her son, Angela works hard to unlock and heal the dark memories of her kidnapping buried deep in her subconscious. But her journey leads to unsettling discoveries about the darkness she harbors in her own soul. Due to an unknown combination of genetic and traumatic triggers, Angela is beginning a rapid, painful transformation. The anger that kept Angela alive is also driving her to dangerous thoughts of retribution on the man that killed her husband and broke her spirit.

Soon, Angela begins attacking innocent victims she believes are “The Man.” As she struggles to cope with her transformation, she must determine how far she is willing to go to protect her son and avenge her wounded psyche before she becomes the very sort of monster that bit her.

Maladaptive Bind, is an LDS psychological thriller with a speculative twist, available as of October 3, 2013 in paperback on Amazon and electronically just about anywhere ebooks are sold.


Sarah Seeley said...
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Sarah Seeley said...

Thanks Angie! I enjoyed the interview. :-)

Angie said...

Thank you, Sarah. It was fun!

Renae W. Mackley said...

Great interview for Halloween.
The blurb sounds intriguing but I'm wondering what the LDS part of it is. Is it a clean read or is the character LDS?
Best wishes for success with your book, Sarah.

Sarah Seeley said...

Hi Renae! Thanks for your interest and well wishes.

I’d like for anyone who might be interested in my book to have a good experience and a good idea of what to expect when I call this an LDS thriller, so I’ll describe a few more details about the content in the book.

The main character, Angela, is an LDS convert. As such, she does swear a bit out of habit. The story touches on some serious themes such as LDS perspectives on excommunication, damnation, and repentance.

After surviving the serial killer, Angela discovers that she is turning into.…*SPOILER*….(just a small spoiler)….a vampire. There are some violent scenes where she loses control, attacks people, and then has to worry not only about how this is going to impact her standing in society and her relationship with her son, but also the eternal consequences this could have for her family relationships. The story also has themes contrasting some dysfunctional aspects of LDS culture (and human nature in general) with actual LDS doctrine.

Basically, this story contains things that would freak me out. It's a bit dark and disturbing and fits nicely into mainstream thrillers/horror but not necessarily mainstream LDS fiction even though the LDS elements do play a major role in the story. It’s been a challenge deciding just what genre niche this fits into, and I like to think of the story as a bit of an experiment. If you like mainstream psychological thrillers or horror, or you like mainstream LDS fiction and want to try something a little different, I think you’ll find this book interesting. I’ve attempted to write this story for a broad audience so fans that aren’t familiar with LDS culture will still be able to understand the LDS references and enjoy the story. I also recognize that this story may not appeal to everyone who normally likes mainstream LDS fiction because of the content. I consider the content PG-13.

I would recommend downloading a free sample or reading the sample chapters on my website to get a better taste of what the content might be like. :-)

Thanks again for dropping by and expressing your interest! I’m tickled every time someone asks me about my writing and will happily talk your ear off if you’ll let me. If anyone else has questions about Maladaptive Bind or other stories I’m working on, please feel free to leave more comments or to drop by my blog and send me a message. Angie has been a gracious host here on Notes From the Writing Chair.