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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Word Interview with LuAnn Staheli

Today we have LuAnn Brobst Staheli in the writing chair. LuAnn has taken on the challenge of publishing a book a month this year! Wow. I'm super impressed.

Alien invasion! What fictional character do you most want by your side?
Indiana Jones

Excellent choice, that.

You've been set down in the middle of your latest book. What character do you seek out first?
 Ida Mae Ruth

I like her name. I'll bet she's quite a character!

What historical figure would you most like to have lunch with?
William Shakespeare (We are 12th cousins, once removed)  

That's very cool. I'll bet he's an interesting conversationalist.

You're performing on Broadway! What show are you in?
Mama Mia!

Oh, how fun!

You are having your characters over for dinner. What are you serving?
Breaded tenderloin, mashed potatoes with white gravy, corn on the cob, and homemade strawberry pie.

Your characters must love you!

Thank you so much, LuAnn!

Lu Ann Brobst Staheli got her start as a celebrity paparazzi-stalker-chick, which led to her award-winning career as a ghostwriter for celebrity memoirs. A masochist at heart, she taught junior high school English for 33 years, moved to the school library beginning year 34, and once spent two weeks summer vacation backpacking through Europe with fifteen of her students. She has won three Best of State Medals—two for writing and one for teaching—but refuses to wear them all at the same time because she’d hate to be known as a show-off. Her other published works include Just Like Elizabeth Taylor; The Explorers: Tides Across the Sea; Leona & Me, Helen Marie; A Note With Taking; When Hearts Conjoin, the story of the conjoined Herrin twins; Psychic Madman about mentalist Jim Karol; One Day at a Time: Teaching Secondary Language Arts; and Books, Books, and More Books: A Parent and Teacher's Guide to Adolescent Literature. Lu Ann says, “But 2013 will be the year of the eBook for me. A long list of titles are in the finalization stage, and I’m excited to make them available to my readers.”

Lu Ann’s articles have appeared in Grit, Byline, Scouting, Library Media Connections, and The Writer magazines, and she is featured in the upcoming book release, Best of The Writer. She has published invitational essays in Teaching Secondary Language Arts K-12: It Really Works (Christopher-Gordon Publishers) and Famous Family Nights (Cedar Fort International).

As a Senior Editor with Precision Editing Group, Lu Ann Staheli has had a hand in a number of releases from Deseret Book, Shadow Mountain, Covenant Communications, and other regional publishers, including several winners and finalists for the Whitney Award and New York Times bestsellers. A former Associate Producer of Alan Osmond's Stadium of Fire, Lu Ann resides in Spanish Fork, Utah, with her husband, and tries to keep track of their five sons.

Twelve-year-old Liz Taylor has known for a long time that she would escape—escape the abuse against herself, and against her mother. She just didn’t know how or when. Then the perfect opportunity comes—money left of the table by her mother’s abuser—and Liz is on the run. But a girl her age doesn’t have many options when it comes to hideouts, making a K.O. A. campground and a nearby middle school her perfect choices. If only she can keep to herself, Liz, now using the name Beth, knows she can make it on her own, until things change, and she realizes she must face her situation head on if she is to save herself and her mom.

WINNER — Utah Arts Council Original Writing Competition, Juvenile Division
WINNER — League of Utah Writer’s Juvenile Novel & Diamond Quill

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Donna K. Weaver said...

Such a fun interview! Heck yeah, Indiana Jones! lol

Angie, your questions are always so much fun.

Yolanda Renee said...

Can I come over for dinner? Yum!

A book a month - wow, I feel lazy!

dellgirl said...

Great interview, I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for introducing LuAnn Staheli, it was a pleasure to meet her.