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Friday, July 20, 2012

Party Time!

Hey, friends. It's time for the Defenders of the Covenant Summer Pow-wow! Let's celebrate the release of the novella prequels as well as Defenders main character Hannah Emerson's birthday! (Okay, technically her birthday is the 22nd of July, but that's a Sunday.)

Here's the scoop:

Each hour from 9am-5pm on July 21, I will post a trivia or discussion question on my Facebook author page or the Defenders of the Covenant Facebook page. Comment on those posts and you'll be entered to win the prize for that hour. The prizes are a wide variety of e-books from awesome authors!

If you prefer to participate on Twitter, I'll also posts the hourly questions there and you can tweet the hashtag #dotc and be entered for the prize.

In between the giveaways, I'll post pictures, videos and fun stuff about Defenders and the novellas. You'll like these. I promise.

I'm also holding a virtual book signing! I'll send you a custom signed bookplate for Defenders of the Covenant or you can request a digital signature on any of the books at Kindlegraph!

Everybody who participates in any way, commenting, tweeting, sharing, etc.will get a swag pack from me! Also, you'll get a coupon to buy the three novellas for $0.99 each! (They're $2.99 usually.)

Swag pack! Bookmarks, buttons and paper airplanes

Plus, you'll be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of Defenders of the Covenant or an Avenging Angels T-shirt!

BONUS: If you buy Defenders of the Covenant today--from anywhere--I'll give you the novellas for free. Just email me a copy of a digital receipt or a picture of a physical receipt, and the novellas are yours!

PLEASE fill out the form below, so I can send you your swag pack and coupon. Also note if you would like a signed bookplate. I will not share your email or mailing address or use it for anything other than the Summer Pow-wow.

Okay, ready?

Come join in the fun!

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