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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Favorite Traditions (and a winner)

It's time to announce the winner of the Giveaway of Holiday Cheer! I thought you might all enjoy reading the awesome traditions everyone shared:

tiffany said... my favorite tradition is Christmas eve pajamas & having non traditional stockings  

Lisa said... My favorite tradition is one my family has been doing since I was a child. It's a Danish tradition where an almond is hidden inside a pudding and the lucky person who finds it while they are eating gets a prize. The customary Danish prize is good luck for the year to come but growing up my parents would do a game or a Christmas decoration for their prize. I LOVE this tradition. It wouldn't be Christmas without it.

Taffy said... We open one family present on Christmas Eve like a video or game we can all do together.

KarenG said... My favorite tradition now that our kids are grown and moved away is that every year, one of the couples is in charge of Christmas breakfast. Then we open presents and that makes the rest of the day more relaxed, some are here for a casual meal later, others go to the in-laws houses. 

kbrebes said... We always drive up to Morro Bay for a family Christmas Eve party and then drive home late at night to have Christmas morning in our own home. For many years we had the tradition of stopping in a tree lot and picking up a huge, leftover, beautiful, abandoned tree that never sold. We'd haul it home and decorate it, drinking hot chocolate and singing songs. Once my foot got stuck in a hole in the ground--lots of other silly, funny things happened while we went tree hunting together. (We put a well lighted fake tree up each Thanksgiving.)

Linz said... My favorite tradition is driving around to look at Christmas lights! We always have such a great time!!! 

Tess said... what fun! our favorite tradition is our annual "christmas cozy". We sit around a candlelit table covered in candy and and share fun family memories. It involves laughter and lots of food...:D 

MaDonna Maurer said...My favorite tradition since I married a German is Christmas Eve. We have Brauts and red cabbage with lots of salads for supper. Then, we eat Christmas cookies while the kids open the presents from his side of the family....the next morning kids open presents from my side of the family.  

Queen 'Bina said...My favorite Christmas tradition is the stocking. If I don't a gift under the tree, that's fine, but don't skimp on my stocking! I especially love getting the orange in the toe and the nuts and candy that fill in the gaps between stuffers. It's silly, but growing up, I always got a tooth brush and hair care stuff in my stocking. There were other fun things as well, but that tooth brush seems essential to me now. Very sadly, my kids don't seem at all excited about the cherrished orange. But Santa will still bring me one. I just know he will!  

Angela Felsted said...Oh, yeah . . . and my favorite Christmas tradition? Making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, then sipping hot chocolate with whipped cream. Yum. 

Renae W. Mackley said...There's lots of little things that make up our Christmas traditions: like my husband cooking eggs benedict for breakfast, snacks and appetizers for dinner, new PJs on Christmas Eve, and lots of music.

Jan Markley said...massive amounts of chocolate is one of the best ...  

Elizabeth Mueller said... I love the cozy feeling of family together and the joy shining bright in the expressions of my kids' faces. 

Tyrean Martinson said...I love the munlies we make on Christmas Eve and eat on Christmas day. We have so much fun making them as a multi-generational family, and then they are yummy to eat.  

Maeve Frazier said...Last year we started a new tradition of sharing Christmas with our first grandchild. My Husband and I are called Lolli & Pop; because what child wouldn't want to go to LolliPop's House at Christmas! Merry Christmas to you all! - Maeve -  

MT said...My favorite tradition is acting out Luke 2 on Christmas Eve. I love it when people feel festive and start giving away books and candy. :)  

Medeia Sharif said... I love Christmas cookies.

Sound like great traditions don't they? It sure put me in a festive mood! So, without further ado, the winner of Stolen Christmas, The Widow's Mite, The Boys Upstairs, and a bag of Butterfinger Jingles is: 

Maeve Frazier!

Congratulations, Maeve. I love that your grandkids call you Lollie and Pop. So cute! Please send me your address to angloft (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you the Jingles, I'll have the books shipped to you, and I'll email you The Boys Upstairs in whatever format you like.

Thanks again for entering at have a very Merry Christmas!


L.T. Elliot said...

Congrats to the winners! This post feels so festive, too!

tiffany said...

congrats maeve i also love that your grandkids call you lolli & pop that is the cutest

Maeve Frazier said...

Thank you Angie - I am so excited about winning! I will send you my address. I have been reading through some of your blog and you have so many interesting things to read. I will especially enjoy reading the story that you have in the book, "Stolen Christmas"/"Shepherds and Kings. I am looking forward to following your blog with many return visits!

We really love being Lolli & Pop!

Maeve Frazier said...

Thank you Tiffany & L. T. Elliot!

dellgirl said...

Congratulations Maeve, that's awesome. I’m just dropping by to say hello, Angie. The blog looks all bright and cheery.

Carolyn V. said...

Congrats Maeve! Love the traditions. =)

lotusgirl said...

It's so interesting that so many people had food in their favorite traditions.

Jolene Perry said...

How fun! I love to see what different people do for the holidays!