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Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm No Gordon Lightfoot

He's my favorite singer and songwriter. He writes the most beautiful poetry. How about this one:

Now the pages have faded, the story grows cold
And the plot falls to ashes like the ruins of old
Those rats in my rafters, they're after my shoes
And anything else they can find on the shelf
I've said they could use  --Long Way Back Home

Or this:

The minstrel of the dawn is here
To make you laugh and bend your ear
Up the steps you'll hear him climb
All full of thoughts, all full of rhymes
Listen to the pictures flow
Across the room into your mind they go
Listen to the strings
They jangle and dangle
While the old guitar rings --The Minstrel of the Dawn

My own attempt at songwriting did not produce such wonderful results, but I'm going to go out on a limb and share it with you anyway. Here is the love song that belongs in this scene of The Ransomed Returning:

Find the Stars
By Angie Lofthouse

Living in the darkness, cut off from the light,
Distances between us more vast than space and time.
We never tasted freedom, each a captive in our way.
What turn of fate of fortune's wheel brings us here today?

Was it Heaven's hand that led you?
Did it take you by surprise?
Because I could never find the stars
'Til I saw them in your eyes.

Don't hide yourself away, my love. Don't turn from me and run.
Take my hand and breathe the wind, taste the rain, and touch the sun.
Take my hand and let's explore this world we've never known,
And when I take you in my arms, you'll know that you've come home.


Come now, close the distance.
Shatter the spaces that keep us apart.
Feel the laughter, feel the love
That's hidden in your heart.

The stars will roll above us, the earth beneath our feet.
We'll find our way along the path to make us both complete.
Life is ripe now for the plucking. Don't let it go to waste.
The love that you and I could share will have the sweetest taste.


Well, there you go. I doubt I'll take up poetry any time soon, but it was kind of fun for a change of pace. I gave up on trying to write music for it. I think I'll give it to my songwriting son and let him come up with a melody for me. I don't think I'll include the entire song in the book. It's too long. I'll just insert a verse and the chorus or something like that.

I'll leave you with a little Gordon Lightfoot, if you like


Linz said...

I LOVE your song! Very very pretty! Be proud!!

Tessa Conte said...

Award for you on my blog, come pick it up!

Jan Markley said...

He's Canadian ... just saying!

Aubrie said...

I love your song! It's even has a little bit of sci fi in it!

Joanne said...

Great song, and I like the idea of using a verse or two of it in a story. I'm not sure if I've ever seen that done before, but it seems like it'll add a nice layer. Maybe a few verses scattered throughout the book to complete the song?

Angie said...

Thanks for the award, Tessa. And thanks for the kind words Linz, Aubrie and Joanne. Jan, does my devotion to Gordon Lightfoot make me an honorary Canadian? ;)

ali said...

LOVE Gordon Lightfoot and I thought you did awesome with your lyrics. The chorus is especially great, but a few of the stanzas were just ... perfect. Good for you! ♥

Lisa said...

Beautiful song! When you get it put to music make sure to post it on your blog! I'd love to hear it performed.

Donna Hole said...

I didn't even get to the song you posted before I was on UTube listening to everything Gordon Lightfoot. I LOVE GORDON LIGHTFOOT. Well, I love string guitar music, and I don't know many artists that play that type music, but I know Gordon.

Thanks for reminding me I haven't heard this music in years.

I read your kissing fest entry too. Wow, do you know how to write a scene where characters interact! Although the kissing was a small part of the scene; the buildup was awesome. But a climax is really that way; a lot of build up, and the amazing action, and resolution, and then . . . its over.

I think a good kissing scene is just like that. Its all in the build up - which you really did well - and then its intense for a few short heartbeats, and over. But the memory is embedded for a lifetime.

You captured the essence of the moment perfectly. And I'm really glad I'm late to this posting; its the lightheartedness I needed.

Thank you for coming into my life when you did Angie. I am blessed.


Terry W. Ervin II said...

I've used 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' for students to locate/identify elements of poetry/figurative language. Most even enjoy the song. :)

char said...

Yes you are an honourary Canadian because you love Lightfoot! has an active discussion board-fans of Gord-he's on tour right has dates..more to come.

lots of clips on youtube and concert pics etc. at

Your poetry is lovely!
moderator of (Lightfoot) corfid discussion board

Angie said...

Terry, it was a teacher who first introduced me to Gordon Lightfoot. Thanks very much, Char and thanks for the info.

Carolyn V. said...

Angie, I love your lyrics! Writing music is hard, you did it beautifully. =)

Suzie said...

I'm in drive-by mode, here... :)
So, just a quick "You have an award on my blog"!

Sorry I couldn't stay longer. :(

Bec said...

Hey Angie, you've won my 50 followers contest, so please stop over at this address... Looking forward to hearing from you :)

Angela said...

The man is a legend.

Jackee said...

The Leader of the Band!

I love Gordon Lightfoot. And your lyrics were wonderful. Honestly. And I'm picky. Please post more! :o)

WritingNut said...

I love your song - it's beautiful!

Valerie Ipson said...

Your song lyrics are beautiful! Love it! Maybe you can write songs for my book since everyone says using actual lyrics is a pain because of copyrights.