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--Baron Manfred Von Richtofen

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tag, you're it!

Julie Dao over at Silver Lining tagged me with this meme. I'll try to include stuff that I haven't already put on other lists.

  • I like writing.
  • I like notebooks in every shape, size or color.
  • I like brand new pens all full of ink.
  • I like the mountains.
  • I like bags.You can never have too many bags.
  • I like pajamas. Ditto on too many pairs of pajamas.
  • I like sunflower seeds, my favorite writing snack.
  • I like finding a really great story to publish at Mindflights.
  • I like my blogging friends.
  • I like achieving my goals.
  • I like daydreaming.
  • I like going to conferences.

  • I love acceptance letters.
  • Today was my favorite day of the week.

  • I hate being rejected.
  • I hate negativity.
  • I hate self-doubt.
  • I hate getting stuck.
  • I hate being told what to do.
  • I hate that my writing chair is broken :(
  • I hate forgetting important things.
  • I hate feeling lonely.

  • I (secretly) like research and revising.
  • I love having others read and respond to my stories.
This is such a fun list that I'd like to tag YOU! That's right. Anyone who leaves a comment here and wants to do it, feel free. Let me know if you're going to, and I'll add a link to your blog to this post.

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    Cynde L. Hammond said...

    Hi, Angie!
    That looks like fun, so I think I'll do it, too.
    I hope I do it correctly.
    Cynde's Got The Write Stuff

    L.T. Elliot said...

    I love notebooks and pens too. My poor hubby. Surrounded by hills of paper.

    a kelly said...

    Our lists would be strangely so similar...would posting "Ditto" be wrong?
    I'll work on my answers!

    Aubrie said...

    I like pajamas, too! I wish I could wear them all day. When I don't have to work until the afternoon, I wear them all the way up until the last minute! :)

    Too bad your writing chair is broken :(

    Carolyn V. said...

    I love going to conferences too! They are the best! =)

    Nisa said...

    Very wonderful list, Angie! I loved both of them!