Success only flourishes in perseverance -- ceaseless, restless perseverance.
--Baron Manfred Von Richtofen

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Write Right Now

On Saturday, I attended the League of Utah Writers Spring Workshop, Write Right Now, with my friend Suzette. I arrived two hours late, because I had to go to my womens choir dress rehearsal first, so I missed the impromptu writing exercise contest, and hearing Jessica Day George speak. I did get there in time to hear Dave Wolverton speak about choosing an agent. After that, Kirk Shaw of Covenant spoke about professional courtesy and maintaining good relationships with everyone involved in your writing career. Very good advice. Then we had lunch. Since there was a problem with my pre-registration (they didn't get it), I had to wait until everyone else got lunch before I could get one. Suzette said she'd save me a seat. When I got my lunch, I found her sitting next to Dave Wolverton. I was tickled. What a brave gal she is. We had a good discussion around the table. Suzette and I exchanged blog addresses with the lady sitting next to me, who also writes science fiction. She made my day when I gave her my blog address and she said, "Oh, yeah. I've heard of that." So, if you're reading this, thanks, Michelle. We bought some books, and talked a little more with Dave Wolverton. He offered us some posters and wrist bands for his Ravenspell series to give to our kids. (My kids, BTW, were thrilled. Even the teenagers.) I got brave enough (with Suzette's help) to talk to an editor about my LDS science fiction novel manuscript. After lunch was a panel discussion. Most of the questions were about marketing books, and I got some good information. Lee Nelson of Cedar Fort talked to us about his company and what their submission review process is like. My friend, Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury gave us some great advice on getting out of the slush pile. I also got to reconnect with my friend Annette Lyon, whom I haven't seen for years. I was secretary the year that she was the LUW Chapter president. I was so glad that I went. It was a fun and productive day.


Lady Glamis said...

Wow, looks like I missed out on a great Utah thing. I really need to get more aware of stuff that's out there.

Thanks for the report!

Nisa said...

It sounds like you had an excellent day! Thanks for the updates!

Suzette Saxton said...

If you want to talk about brave, on Sunday Angie sang a solo in front of a couple hundred people. You're my hero, Angie!

Angie said...

:) Thanks, Suzette. Funny how the solo did not make my heart pound nearly as bad as talking to an editor did!