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--Baron Manfred Von Richtofen

Thursday, March 12, 2009


After reading this Query Tracker blog post, and the follow-up, I started to think about all of my stories that have started with my dreams. The most vivid was "Blessing Stone." I remember that I was just on the brink of waking up, when I dreamed I saw an old man by a river with his hands in the water. I thought, "What is he doing?" and someone answered, "He's looking for the blessing stones." I woke up, and the story was born. Other stories inspired by dreams:

"Consecrated" and from that my novel, "Zion Rising"
"Getting Colder"
"Casualties of War"
"Star Blessed"

In some of those cases, the dream preceded the actual writing of the story by years. If I write down the ideas sparked by the dreams, they are still there whenever I am ready for them. Already, since reading Suzette's article I have written down two intriguing possibilities. Gee, I can't wait to fall asleep tonight and see what's waiting in my brain.


Janyece said...

I love that! I love having those dreams. I have so many from my childhood that I still remember. James thinks I'm crazy. He doesn't dream, but very rarely and finds my constant stream of dreaming (3 a night at least!) pretty humorous.

tiff said...

thanks for the post i love it im going to write down my dreams from now on the other day i told madi about a dream i had about 3 years ago she thought i was crazy my dream was about talking bats that held some of us hostage and their leader was a life size speacking bat when i was half way awake getting up in the middle of the night for something i halfway thought that i would see the life size bat it makes me laugh now if you want you can use that dream for a story or something i wont mind

my word to type in is meseese i im thinking messy hehehe

Larry and CIndy said...

You have always had vivid dreams, even when you were a little girl. I usually don't remember mine until I wake up and fall back asleep...then I remember my dreams. Sweet Dreams My Love!! MOM
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Leon Basin said...

How are you doing fellow writer.